Bible lessons in orphanages


“Agape” teacher in Nikolaev orphanage

There is one sister in “Agape” mission – Elena Mihaylovna Gordienko who lives in Nikolaev. She is 50 years old. Her husband Vitaliy Anatolievich is involved in the “Ark of Salvation” ministry.

Elena works in one of the Nikolaev orphanages, she doesn’t just work but she serves as for God dedicating all her time, energy, health and what is the most important – love – to the orphans.

She spends the whole days in the orphanage; all breaks she is busy with fellowship with kids. Not only kids that love her but teachers’ team as well. She preaches Word of God to everybody, she prays for everybody. There are a lot of changes already happened after God opened doors for His Word. It was the place forgotten by all people where unfortunate children lived; they needed Gods Light so much, His love, care and warmth. Today is already 4 years during which these children receive spiritual food on Christian Ethic lessons. They read Bible, sing psalms, make crafts and a lot more…

Those who want can attend church services. It’s such a joy for orphans to meet people in the church who love them and care for them. These events enrich orphans hearts which lack parents care. Orphans become more opened, their closeness, aggression, restraint disappear as they encounter love. Orphans find real friends, they come closer to God. God makes miracles in their lives: Anya from 8B grade was healed from liver pain; God changed Kolya’s behavior (pupil of 2nd grade); improved relations between classmates and Vika, pupil of 8 grade. God is great. He knows the time and place, He is in control of our feelings, health, He rules our thoughts and deeds, and He leads us on the right way. Praise God!

Thank to our Lord Jesus Christ for His help, comfort and support in our life!