Bible lessons in orphanages


Christmas at Kalininsky Orphanage.

It is a blessing for us visiting schools - bringing friendships, fellowship and love to orphaned children. Agape continues to serve with the Christmas programs, visiting schools. This time we visited the orphanage in the village of Kalinin, where the children and the caregivers waited for us with an excitement.

We began our dialogue with the joyous Christmas songs, which we all sang together and rejoiced! The atmosphere in the dining room was festive and simple. After all, the children enthusiastically repeated the words of songs, crying with joy and praising God.

After singing, we started our production. They dimmed the lights, everyone got quiet, and here our exciting journey with the "old shoemaker” began. The “cobbler” , walked out to a cheerful song and the stage was full of children, throwing snowballs at each other - Production continued ...

We saw the sincere smiles and joy on the faces of the children! Looking for our viewers - we noticed how they empathize our heroes, as if they were all there: lighting the lights and visiting cobbler…

What was really surprising is that children correctly concluded the setting, talking after the presentation; I noticed that we have reached the children's hearts.

At the end, we invited the children to a prayer, all together, we prayed and thanked God for the year that passed and asked for blessings for the upcoming year. There were 78 people that participated in the prayers and ministry.

Dear friends, we want to bless you and encourage you! Thank you for your attention and support serving the ministry of "Agape", as with you, we share the joy and God's love for orphaned children!

On Christmas Eve, the children are in need of our attention, unable to celebrate with a family, unable to receive blessing from mother and father, they expect it from us, knowing that we will bring the holiday to their schools and their lives. We all have enjoy and have fun!

May God bless you!