Bible lessons in orphanages


A Difficult Life

He tried carefully to make a cross- a craft we were making. He stretched out his hand and the craft. When I lifted the sleeve on his shirt, I saw the injuries on his wrists and felt my self turning numb, "What is this, Andrey?" The boy began to tremble and said quietly: "It's my father, he tortured me ..."

In the eyes of this child, I saw pain and fear. It seemed to me that in front of me was not an eight year old boy. Instead a small-adult man who had lived a lifetime. Somehow, he had put himself together. I finished the lesson and we prayed together. Andrey's hand was in a fist and hanging on it was the cross. I prayed for him all the way home.

Thoughts of the boy did not give me any rest. The next day I came across an article, in a local newspaper, it was titled "The term for the sadistic stepfather." I could not hold back tears from what I was reading. Before my eyes stood a boy, " whose hands were tied to the beams of the ceiling in the garage and the legs were tied to a bag of grain." He remained in this state all night, according to the newspaper. Of course, it is one thing simply to read statistics of incidents like these and absolutely another - to see the wounds of the child. To come into contact with the broken fate covered in wounds.

A week later, Andrey greeted me first. He remembered the material from the Bible lesson well, commenting loudly on everything that we did in class. After the lesson, we talked with him and prayed for his future. I believe the Lord has the strength to change his life. He loves everyone and proved His love on the cross.

"I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you," Fear not, I am the one who helps you. " - Isaiah 41:13

Lord, help these children to not become hardened to the entire world. Open up to them through Your Word. God, help us also to see the true causes of the children's behavior, be merciful to and compassionate to them. Heal their wounds with Your unconditional love,

The mission of Agape