Bible lessons in orphanages

Miracle of God

Their wounds are bleeding from the inside. There is a constant battle between the hatred and love forces, the unforgiveness and the children's bond and attachment to their parents. Parents who abandoned them.

In the fourth grade there was a boy named Alyosha. He was a cute, blue-eyed, blonde boy. Based solely on appearance, you would not say that he was capable of all sorts of mischief. Moreover, he actually stood out from the others with his talking. It was impossible to listen to everything he had to say. He talked for hours. The class was very challenging. 12 boys! The guys often ran away from the orphanage, walked around the city or sat around in the game stores. They would be "caught" only to run away again. To go to the lesson was a step of faith. Candy was the biggest draw for them. But I wanted for them to listen and we decided that whoever listened would eat the candy. This was used as the rescue.

Alyosha had always been influenced by his entire class. But in the 4th grade - he heard of Christ and received Him into his heart. Aloysha clung to me, because I always defended him from his offenders. Having learned to pray, he always asked God for a new family. He wanted to have a father and mother very much and relatives, consisting of people who would have love him unconditionally.

The time went on. The hope to be adopted was fading out. Aloysha grew up. He became more serious. Our friendship became deeper. The 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade was behind him. His faith in God's answers was burning down. More and more Aloysha was filled with doubts. He was offended by God. Why does He not answer? Why does He not hear? And does He really exist?

I supported and comforted Alyosha whatever way I could. At the same time I myself doubted in his hopes for adoption. Because guys his age, who are almost adults, are usually not adopted. Besides that fact, Aloysha had changed: he "stretched out", became thin, his face was covered in pimples, his walk was damaged- he had an abnormal gait and it was irreparable - he had - HIV. Now what? Who would want him? I was sure, 100% that he would not be adopted by Ukrainians. Analyzing with my human mind - it was just unrealistic. Yes, for us people it seems it would be impossible. But not impossible for God.

God did not leave Alyosha. During my bible lessons the boy was always present, even if all his friends ran away. I read the Bible and wrote out the basic main ideas. We continued to pray.

A family lived nearby. Their children had grown up, and the husband and wife decided to serve the children that are in need of their love. Looking through the site for adoption, the woman drew her attention to the pictures of Alyosha. This ugly, awkward boy sunk into her heart. She saw in his eyes, pain and despair. Some incredible, attractive force disturbed her heart. Him and him alone. The decision was made. Of course her friends and relatives tried to talk her out of it. But it did not affect her choice.

God blessed them with a wonderful meeting. Alyosha met the expectation of the wonderful woman- mother. And how happy he was!

This was the only talk of the school. Nobody could believe what was happening. It really was a miracle. The children knew that Aloysha prayed and asked God for a family. They saw his attitude to the Word of the living God. Many laughed at him. But now - was his victory. This was- the result.

The process for all paperwork went by very fast. And now, the moment of goodbyes came. Many children envied Alyosha. But he ... he beamed with joy and thanks. He thanked everyone: teachers and caregivers, friends and foes. But a special thanks to God who knows the time to answer prayers. "He will not let your foot be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep." Ps.121: 3

Praise the Lord for His wonderful love for orphans. It is He who opened the doors of orphanages, where His word was conveyed, the Word that touches the children's wounded hearts, giving them hope and belief that they are not abandoned. And "To the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever. Amen". Jude 1:25

Govtvyan Olga,

a teacher of the mission "Agape"