Bible lessons in orphanages


"Open thy mouth for the dumb and

for the protection of all the orphans ..."

Sinful children- are not alien children,
Our father, hear their open-hearted voice,
God save Ukraine
Lord, have mercy on us.

November 6 - a day of prayer of all of Ukraine for the children who are orphans. On this day, churches throughout Ukraine were praying for the children left without parental care. The purpose of the prayer is for Ukraine to be without orphans, to stop this scourge on our country. The Agape Mission, which aims to bring love to the orphans, did not remain indifferent.

In the Kherson region, in the House of prayer, pastors from the local churches, workers of the mission, adolescents from adaptation centers, and guests gathered together. They were united with a common goal - to open their mouths to protect all the orphans.

One of the elders from the "Living spring" Victor Marukhin, began the service with a welcoming word, and revealed causes of child abandonment. This is an expansion of sin. The devil does not want to give away the hearts of children today. God becomes their protection. These children have a Heavenly Father and they have a future.

Then a pastor from the local church, Yuri Kolesnik, turned to the Christians to raise fervent prayers for children who have not seen maternal affection. "The enemy kills the children by sin, but if our prayers will be fervent, the children will come out of the basements, prisons, despair and loneliness. If these young people will be among the Christians, then the enemy will be at his end. Our prayers will destroy the plans of the devil. "

Then the service was continued by adolescent orphans, the children who live in the "Agape" adaptation centers. The adolescents gathered from several regions to witness about God's miracles in their lives. Some in the song, some with a poem praising the Lord with a pure heart. The joy of salvation, gratitude, and tears filled everyone that was present. What a good God for the fate of these children! The hearts of Christians were filled with gratitude to God for those orphans who have already accepted the Lord into their heart, as well as those who are on their way.

Andrey Babenko, responsible for the centers 'Agape', praised God with singing and revealed the inner world of orphans. Children who have never seen the light, have not heard a kind word, and did not feel the love of their parents. They do not have a solid foundation in life. But God is strong to change this!

Alexander Fedorchuk, director of Agape Mission, urged everyone to sincere, fervent prayer for the orphans and those who carry the ministry. "I wish for all of us to become those people who open the truth to others. We will not see the results right away. Prayer is needed for these children. It is very important. "Open thy mouth for the dumb, and for the protection of orphans ...." Pr.31: 8. We need to pray about the time when the Lord will embrace orphans.

"Help Lord, so that there will no orphans in our country. Awaken the laborers, save the orphans, bring them to You and open the truth to them. We need you and we ask for Your blessing.”

Svetlana Chelushkin