Bible lessons in orphanages


Change of heart

I am Ivan Volkov. I am 20 years old. I want to tell you about the ways and roads that I had to go through during my short life.

I almost do not remember my parents because I have been in an orphanage since I was six years old.

Four years ago I graduated from the orphanage, it gave me a good general education knowledge base. It seemed that the future for me was taken care of: I would acquire a higher education, find a good job, build my family, my way. But we were not taught how to live in society and in the family. Because of the fact that during childhood I had no parents, I have not had a loved one who could tell how to act in any given situation.

I thought I can do it all myself. And the secret sins no one knew. Because of this in my 20 years, I've done a lot of stupid things and stood on the not wrong path.

But God does not sleep. I learned about God during the Bible lessons that took place in the orphanage through the mission "Agape".

Through a classmate Oksana I began to draw near to the Lord, began to attend "Friends Club" and even repented. But with all this I remained far from God.

One trouble fell down after another. But even then I, by virtue of my pride, I thought that I would conquer everything myself. How many times Oksanka advised me: "Repent, begin to live a new life with God." But it was not there. I was increasingly falling into a deeper pit. Exclusion from the institution I was attending, loss of documents, and other troubles got me thinking.

Who am I? An orphan who no one would stand up for. (Incidentally, I was not alone. A lot of guys, from despair to take the right path, bump up against the indifference of officials and break down again).

Who am I? An orphan who no one would stand up for.

But I was lucky. Vladimir Mikhailovich, an employee of the mission "Agape" walked with me in many situations, and we achieved results: they took me back to school, paid off the required sum, and recovered my documents. Thankfully, this is because of the patience and endurance of a believer, and as I now understand God's will.

Now I live in the center for adaptation that exists for the same teenagers as me, thanks to the missions "Agape" and "A Heart for Orphans".

Of this kind of home I never even dreamed of. But God had other plans.

At first it was hard to get used to the idea that there is day of duty where you need to clean or cook lunch for someone. But eventually it turned into joy, because serving the boys in this manner I gain instead of waste.

Here I felt like a complete human being, I began to have plans and dreams. I used to be shy about praying out loud. Now- it has passed. And at the evening prayer, after reading the Bible, I turn to God out loud, thank Him and praise, and tell him my needs and problems.

The leaders of the center helped me a lot - Sergei and Alexei. I learned to cook well, to keep the premises in order, and handle money that is important for us young people. I really like that each of us have duties to perform and which we are responsible for. Ruslan cares for the animals, Andrew – for chickens, and I clean the whites and clothes. It is very likely that two years ago this would have been a put down. But now ... not even the hundredth part of a percent. I am glad that I can serve these guys and care for them.

Here the people really are changing. An example of this - is Yasha. He stopped smoking, thanks to our prayers. I am a hundred times convinced that prayer is of great help, that God really answers it. Thus, since November, we began to pray for the acquisition of a car for the center. So in the beginning of February God blessed us with a bus. We thank Him for it.

In addition to material wealth, we are trying to grow spiritually. I attend service in the church twice a week, where I get to know God's truth. I participate in the youth fellowship and the work of Christian Friends Club. To be honest, if I was living in dorms, I would have found many reasons to attend other institutions. But now I gladly go to services, pray and praise God.

The first question I was asked upon arrival to the center was: "Are you ready to change?" It caught me by surprise. For me this was new. And thankfully, it is only through the existence of the center, great leaders, and God that I began to change.

Now I have many plans: learn to drive a car, learn lay down tiles, plastering, heating metal, so in the future I can provide for my family. God gave me an excellent opportunity to establish a relationship with him. I need this and this is my goal. I am glad that I live in such a center, where many boys and girls, like me, can know the Lord and learn life skills.

You do a great work. Thank you for everything. Special thanks to the family of Fedorchuks. May God's abundant blessings be upon you!


PS . Vanya really began to change. It is evident that the Holy Spirit is working in his heart. Last week, Ivan, along with others visited an orphanage to share love with other orphans. According to the guys, they could not wait. Their hearts were filled with love that they had to give to someone. All the guys need your support in prayer. Pray for them. May God richly bless you.

Ivan Volkov