Bible lessons in orphanages


God answers

Suddenly she looked into my eyes and said that she had a need.

A Bible lesson on Christian ethics, the children walk into the class…..

Together with the other children, walked into the room a tall, pretty, neatly dressed new girl. We met. She turned out to be pleasant and good willed. Her name was Katya. Before the lesson, there was a calling of who wants to pray, to my amazement, Katya prayed the prayer of “ Our Father”. During the lesson Katya was attentive, active, and really stood out from the other orphan-children.

After the lesson she came up to me and thanked me for the bible lesson. She told me, she had attended an orthodox church with her elderly grandmother and mother. The mother was very sick. The schizophrenia progressed. It came to the point, that the mother began to lock the girl in the house with a key, not letting her go anywhere. This is how she ended up in the orphanage.

Suddenly she looked into my eyes and said that she had a need. It was very difficult for her to get used to the environment of the orphanage, so for this reason she wanted to be in a new family. I told her that she needs to turn to the Lord in prayer, and He can work any miracle. Katya agreed with me and said she wants to pray, but she does not have enough faith. We prayed together and gave everything to the hands of God. I continued to pray for the girl. In a week Katya was placed in the hospital…

An entire month passed. After the lesson I met with Katya. With a high-spirit she told me that while she was in the hospital she met a woman, that had recently buried her youngest daughter. Katya told her about herself. The pain of these two people brought them close together. And the woman began to file documents, to take Katya during her school break. Praise the Lord! He is wonderful and great!

I continued to pray to my Heavenly Father, that knows our needs, hears us, and answers them. I pray about the orphan - children, about the future of Katya, and her new family. I have hope in God’s mercy and have faith that He will not be slow, for it is written:

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; For every one that asks receives; and them that seek find; and to them that knock it shall be opened”. Matthew 7: 7-8

Kudelya E., teacher from the mission “Agape”.