Bible lessons in orphanages


Our Guests

Mission “Agape” was visited by special guests from the United States of America

October 21 and 22, mission “Agape” was visited by special guests from the United States of America: the pastor from the largest Slavic church “Bethany”, that is in Sacramento, state of California Bondaryuk Leonid Semonovich and a long time friend of the mission - Feytser Nikolay - also pastor of this church and Formuzal Michael Ivanovich. Three brothers from Moldova came with them.

Everyone was interested in the development of the mission’s service, its direction, and results. If brother Nikolay stood at the source of the creation of the mission, (he and his family consistently support it financially and in their prayers), than Leonid Bondaryuk - at first was introduced to its service. Deeply investigating, brother Leonid approved our work and shared in our joy of the successes the mission has: the development of the centers for the youth, helping the youth in their decision to make a commitment and Covenant with the Lord, and spreading ideas about services to the orphan-children around the entire region of Ukraine and its boundaries. The brothers attended a lesson at one of the orphanages, socialized with the children there, visited the youth from the center, and attended the services at church.

During a sermon brother Leonid spoke about his personal journey following the Lord, he inspired and edified the youth to keep their hearts pure, and wished them all of God’s blessings.