Bible lessons in orphanages


Ministry Agape puts on a celebration

“Gift of Hope to Children”

The end of the academic year is finally here for the children of Ukraine and probably most of the children around the world. Much-anticipated summer is ahead of us; full of sun, warmth, and rest. Many children, including orphans, couldn’t wait until the summer was here. It is finally here… Some of the orphans will go abroad for a summer vacation, and some will stay with foster families. It is not the case for many orphans, however. Many of them will remain at their orphanages during the summer.

To make their summer vacation at the orphanage more fun and meaningful, Ministry Agape had organized a celebration “Gift of Hope to Children”. On June 1st, we had our second annual celebration of the National Protection of Children holiday. More than 300 orphans from 11 orphanages in the Kherson Region of Ukraine were gathered at a local Christian Church. They were joined by government officials, pastors, and even a Ping-Pong champion representing the disabled sports community in Ukraine. The most-welcomed guests, obviously, was the puppet theater team Alpha and Omega. They put on a puppet show titled “The Pastor and a Lost Sheep.” This wonderful story told children about the love of Jesus, and that they can have forgiveness of their sins through His blood.

Many of the speakers congratulated kids with the holiday, but the most memorable speaker was Pastor Eugene Siniy. During his speech, he brought up the following question: “What is it exactly do we need to protect our children from?” There is plenty to protect them from: the flood of mainstream media has attacked our children through violent and horror movies, billboards, and pornography. What do the children of 21st century entertain themselves with? - Violence, debauchery, evil, and disrespect. It turns out that our kids need to be protected from people who make their fortunes without any respect for our future.

During the second part of our program, children participated in games and races. There was plenty of fun and laughter to go around. They had a blast!

We had to say our good-byes at the end of the day. Tired but happy, with a spark in their eyes, orphans were leaving Kherson. The celebration was great. We thank Jesus that He helped us organize this special day for the Ukrainian orphans so that they could leave all their troubles behind for at least one day.