Bible lessons in orphanages

Why do I minister to orphans? (Julia Sakur)  

From the time I was a child myself, I dreamed of working with orphan children. When I first heard about Agape Ministries, I immediately knew that this was just what I was looking for!  I decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to serving these needy and wonderful children. I was already with children constantly as it was, just because I love them so much.


 Every child from the orphanage has always seemed to me (and still does) to be a whole unique world in and of himself. His eyes, his voice, his hugs - are all sincere, unrehearsed and unique.

These children inspire me and often bring great joy to my heart, giving me new life, as it were, when I begin to lose heart or grow weary in ministry. As I sit with them and share their sorrows and joys, I am amazed again and again. It seems like there's a whole universe in the tears of a child, I find my self in wonder again at the world around me, trying to do away with old stereotypes, re-imagining possibilities and learning to be brave enough to dream as I watch this child beside me. 

Those moments - beautiful, life-prolonging moments, are what give me strength to go on, making my problems seem so small, and make it well worthwhile to visit the orphanage.


I am infinitely grateful to God for Agape Ministries, so grateful that as we minister together, our dreams are truly becoming reality!