Bible lessons in orphanages


News from the Orphanages

"This year, the orphanage accepted many new children who have been separated from their families. Those parents do not give any value to their children. And the children .... the children suffer. If they are teenagers getting used to the orders in the orphanage is difficult. At home no one looked after them. They did whatever they wanted to do: smoked and played - where, with whom, and how long they wanted to. And now there is a regimen. It is difficult. Especially for the girls. Rudeness, deception, pressure for pity - all this in order to avoid "life" in the orphanage. It is better to be hungry and cold, but to have complete freedom.

For this reason they imitate cutting their veins. It is difficult to convince them otherwise, and even more so, to compel or force them. This is what the teachers, educators, administrators need to deal with, those that wish to change the lives of these children for the better. But it is difficult for the children to understand. Which is better? Order, good nutrition, warmth, or freedom. This at first is difficult to understand. But with God all things are possible. So we pray for these poor children. We ask everyone who is not indifferent - to support us in prayer. Thank you. May the Lord bless you!"

Teacher from the mission "Agape" Tatiana Kovalchuk

"We are thankful to our Lord for the opportunity to continue to carry His Word to the orphanages for children and ..... adults. The Holy Spirit invisibly works in the hearts of the people and the audience where the Word of God is preached. It has been 6 years in my orphanage, since we have taught bible lessons from "Agape's" mission program for the children who are orphans. It turns out that it's time to hear the news of the gospel by the adults as well; the teachers and educators. They also sat at their desks, like the children, afraid to miss anything. This brings a lot of joy. I believe that the fruit will spread. The Almighty God will work a miracle. Dates have already been assigned by Him. May God give them to us.

Mission teacher Marunich Jeanne

“In the family of 10th grader- Oksana was a problem. Her older brother behaved aggressively. He got involved with a bad company of young people and became unrecognizable: often fighting, coming home drunk, and sometimes even allowed himself to hit his mother. Oksana was very worried. But what could she do? Her brother responded with hostility to her concerns. She then decided to seek help from God.

She heard how the Lord came to the aid to those who asked for it, and who believed in His reply. She heard this in a classroom during "Life Lessons" which the mission of "Agape," often holds. Oksana earnestly began to cry to the Lord and relentlessly begged Him to help her in this situation. And what do you think? It seemed like her brother had been substituted by someone else. He became a good son and a loving brother again. He got a job, and stopped socializing with those who had gone the wrong way. After a while those guys were arrested and sentenced to 5 years in prison each. Now Oksana had evidence of how God helped her family by answering her prayers. This strengthened her faith and brought her closer to the Lord. So God showed that He is now as before - the same. Praise and thanksgiving to Him!

Teacher of the orphanage for deaf children - Bogochanskaya N.:

Our church has a group of deaf brothers and sisters that have been attending services for a long time. We made all the conditions so they could understand what is going on in the ministry. In September, the deaf celebrated their 20th anniversary of serving the Lord. The administration of the orphanage for deaf children allowed the children that wished to, to attend the service. The kids loved it. They listened attentively to the sermon and happily communicated with the deaf believers. They all left the service with the hope to visit here again. But ... the administration of the orphanage would not allow it. Dear friends we believe that with your prayers and ours God will solve this problem.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him ..." Rom.15:13
Bogochanskaya N. :

I thank the Lord for the opportunity to bring the children from the orphanage to church for the Thanksgiving holiday. The Director allowed 10 people to go. During the evening the boys learned three songs and rehearsed them well. During the service they sang them with inspiration for the glory of the Lord. The children were filled with happiness, the adults were filled with joy. My heart was rejoicing. After all, this is also fruit that we bring to God! Mozharovsky T., teacher mission "Agape"

Elena Vazhnichenko