Bible lessons in orphanages


Thanks to the Lord

We are very thankful to God for the services on the field of God. From the years of work we gained great authority. Not only do the children trust us, but the disciplinarians, teachers, and administration. They ask questions, ask for advice, and trust us with their secrets. Here are several situations:

It is very pleasant to us, that the seed is sown not only in the children’s hearts but the hearts of the disciplinarians, teachers and other workers of the orphanage.

The secretary came up and asked to explain, how the Bible is different from the New testament. Then she asked to bring her a Bible, so that she could read it and receive the answers to her questions.

After the lesson that we held, the 6th grade home room teacher, asked to explain the following; who is the Holy Spirit, what is His role on earth, and how do you come to Him. There was a soul filled discussion. The disciplinarian got the answers to her questions that she had looked for and asked to bring the Bible and literature about the Holy Spirit.

During the fifth grade lesson the home room teacher asked a question. Close to the end- there was a wonderful evangelism, because it went over the topic of the birth of Christ, and spoke of the heavens. The only thing left was to pray, so that the seed that was sown would grow on good soil.

The tenth grade teacher Margaret opened her heart for Jesus. Now she constantly turns to God in prayer, reads the Bible everyday, loves to discuss the Word of God with her friends, and attends youth meetings.

Often the children approach us, ask advice, ask questions, boast of their victories and achievements, and show us their drawings, creations, and photographs. We thank God, that we can serve those who have a need, support them, and bring them joy.