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  First Christmas outreach trip! (Agape's Rovno team)

December 15th was the first Christmas outreach trip this year for Agape's ministry team in Rovno.

With the help of Pilgrim Puppet Ministry, we conducted two wonderful Christmas programs in orphanages in the villages of Shepetovka and Solobkvitsky (Khmelnitsky region). 

Once again, with the help of "The Old Cobbler" play, we wanted to remind the children of the birth of Jesus Christ.

As we talked with the kids at these two orphanages, it was truly encouraging to see how much they already knew about Who had come into this world as a baby more than 2000 years ago... and what He had come for. 

All of the children received Christmas presents - and were simply overcome with joy upon receiving these simple gifts.

For us Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without these gifts, without the joy and dazzling smiles of these incredible 'sunbeams' of God...these precious children. Our goal, Agape's goal in these programs is make the birth of Christ come alive in the heart of each and every child. We believe that today, with God's help, we were able to do just that.