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Why am I in orphan ministry?  (T. Savich) 


What was it that got me started in orphan ministry?

You know, it was something that Jesus said, something we’ve all heard many, many times: “ Go and make disciples, teaching and baptising them.”

At some point, I came to understand that God was showing me the way that I personally was to do that. He showed me that he was calling me to serve with Agape and teach orphan children about him. 

All children, above all else, are just that… children. Whether they have parents or not, all children need to be loved and cared for, every bit as much (if not more) as the rest of humanity. They also need salvation every bit as much as anyone else.

As I serve them, my goal is to try and convey the love of Christ – his agape love – to them. I want to show them that God is Good, All the Time!


Tatiana Savich,

     Agape teacher