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Youth of USA and Canada visited Ukrainian orphans


Youth of USA and Canada visited Ukrainian orphansInterview with missionary from USA

We separated into groups of eight and resided in different orphanages one week at a time. Orphans see that we live in the same setting and share the same cafeteria food. Through becoming “one of them”, we are more approachable in the eyes of the children.

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The Living Letters of Christ


The Living Letters of ChristMissionary from USA shares her expiriance of visiting orphans in Ukraine

During my stay, I had realized that these kids are like any other kids. They simply want to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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The History of christian ministry Choose Life


The history of christian ministry Choose LifeAgape ministry cooperates and supports Ukrainian ministry Choose Life

The main goal of Ministry Choose Life is to bring Salvation to AIDS-infected individuals and their families

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Удивительная жизнь миссии «Agape»


Amazing life of Ministry AgapeI have witnessed an incredible transformation of these children. With each visit into our home, they have transformed from reserved and angry to open, kind, and friendly little human beings

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Working day of Agape teacher


Working day of Agape teacherTheir prayers are so sincere; my eyes fill up with tears!

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