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Agape's 8th Ministry School

The first session of Agape's 8th Ministry School has ended. This year it was extraordinary. The point is, that in the first seven years the school has both internal courses and a correspondence school. In other words, if the students have studied earlier 5 weeks in a row - now they study for one week 5 times a year. Five times students will meet. Five times they will part...

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Ukrainian orphans travel to USA


Ukrainian orphans travel to USATeacher of Agape Mission shares her impressions from the travel

My trip to America was truly unforgettable. The children who travelled with our group were extremely excited. We have seen so many cool and great things here: giant redwoods, exotic plants, beautiful beaches, snow peaks, mandarin and orange trees, waterfalls, and even took a ride in a limousine. However, the biggest treasure here, in the United States, is you, brothers and sisters! I want to say one more time: “Thank You, God!”

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Missionary from USA stayed in Ukrainian orphanage


Missionary from USA stayed in Ukrainian orphanageHe ministered to orphans, giving them unconditional love "agape"

Jason Peterson, a missionary from California, shares with us his experience during a trip to Ukraine. He stayed at a Ukrainian orphanage with Ministry Agape for one week

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Feedbacks about Agape Training School


About Agape Training School

I think that only in Eternity will we find out the capacity of the work we have done while serving the orphan children. I am grateful that our church has taken part in such an important ministry. “Agape” is the greatest measure of Love. My wish is for all of us to possess such Love in our hearts, which only the Lord can give

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Pedsovet - from all cities


Pedsovet - from all citiesYou yourselves are our letters, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody” 2 Cor.3:2

Regular “Agape” teacher council which included teachers from different cities was hold in Kherson city.

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