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Mission Agape's Periodic Teachers' meeting


Mission Agape's Periodic Teachers' meetingThe children sometimes see formal relations but they want to see our open hearts.

The purpose of the teacher' meeting - was to support the workers of the mission spiritually, inspire them to new heights in an uneasy work with the children who are orphans

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Alliance Ukraine without orphans


Alliance Ukraine without orphansIn Ukraine the Alliance was created – the union of people with the same purpose: to serve the children that are in need of help and to see Ukraine without orphans.

November 11-13, in the city of Kiev, was an alliance “Ukraine without orphans.” This means there was a union of those people who were not indifferent to the orphans.

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The Lord is worthy of praise


The Lord is worthy of praiseGod answered the prayer and healed Katie

The Lord is worthy of praise and worship for the amazing work!

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The Second Session for the school “Agape” has ended.


The Second Session for the school “Agape” has endedHere the second session of the school “Agape” has ended.

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