International Adoption of Ukrainian orphans

There are as many as 30,000 children living in state-run orphanages throughout the Ukraine. While many of these children are orphaned due to the death of their parents, a large number are social orphans, cast out to live on their own due to alcoholism, abandonment, or imprisonment of their parents.

The need in Ukraine is for families to adopt children with special needs. Children of all ages with more severe special needs are available for adoption. Those with minor special needs, or considered healthy are available over the age of 5 years old. Siblings are also available for adoption.

In the midst of the financial challenges we are no longer helping families directly on the U.S. side with the adoption process, but we will continue to widely encourage families to give these dear children a home.

We highly recommend Show Hope, as they do a great job in helping families adopt from a number of countries.