About us


Alexander Fedorchuk is president and founder of Agape Ministries International

For a long time Alexander and Vera Fedorchuk prayed that the Lord would use them in service to Him. They felt God’s call to help orphans and dreamed of becoming missionaries, traveling to Ukraine, and working in orphanages. At first this seemed impossible, but in a miraculous way God made this dream a reality, having seen their hearts’ readiness to serve Him.

There are 57 people in the “Agape” team, they work on an ongoing basis; volunteers from the local churches help them. These people are confident in their calling to serve orphans, bearing witness to these needy children  of  God's boundless and  unconditional Agape love for them.

In May of 2004, Alexander, Vera, and their young daughter entered Ukraine and settled in the region of Kherson. It was there that the work of Agape Mission began, with the goal of reaching out to many other regions of Ukraine over time.

"2004 was a hard year. I knew in my heart that God had called me, a US citizen, to serve the orphans of Ukraine - but what first, where to start, how to start and with whom? These and similar questions were all I could think about. I started looking for answers.

I thank God that He encouraged and strengthened me through my wife Vera, who was ready to take our little daughter and cross the ocean with me. As we made this transition, there were many difficulties, but these challenges did not stop us in pursuing the God-given desire burning in our hearts: to minister to orphan children. We are very grateful for those who supported us during that time, encouraging us, giving needed counsel, and helping in many different ways."

The early days of their service in Ukraine were very difficult for Alexander and Vera. There was no seeming fruit of their labor and all their efforts seemed wasted. But they firmly decided before the Lord that there was no turning back. The Lord, seeing their faithfulness and readiness to stay to the end, blessed them and gave strength from above. After this they began to take more confident steps in their ministry. The young people in the local churches also began to take an interest in Agape and started helping the mission. 

"We came to Ukraine... and settled on the city of Kherson as the place we were to live and minister from. Now the question was how to find others who were called of God to minister to orphans, people we could work with. We began the search for answers anew, again there was uncertainty, and there were many questions and doubts. We knew that God’s timing is always right. If He has truly given a vision for ministry, nothing can hinder it because His will is perfect. I would be the last to say that there were no difficulties establishing Agape Ministries, but praise God, that’s all behind us now!"

Before entering the orphanages with a program of Christian instruction, it was necessary to work hard physically and provide them material assistance. During the entire summer of 2004, mission volunteers painted playgrounds, repaired buildings, fixed broken windows and doors, laid tile, repaired laundry rooms, and replaced washing machines and refrigerators. After work each day they played games with the children and spent time with them. The orphan children made friends with these Christians and opened their hearts to the working of the Holy Spirit. After starting with this preparatory work, the directors of some 32 orphanages have since allowed Bible lessons to be included in their teaching plan, and this has enabled the mission to reach some 4,000 orphans.

"Today, Agape is growing, maturing, and expanding into new areas of ministry. We are seeing not only the young, green shoots of spiritual growth, but there is real fruit maturing in the lives of children we have ministered to. Our young orphanage graduates have not only come to faith in Christ as their savior, but have decided to commit their lives to serving Him. Some of them have become missionaries themselves, ministering in Kenya, India, Nepal, and Kirghizstan. This is a great encouragement and gives us assurance that we are faithfully pursuing the will of God as we minister to the orphans of Ukraine. May God receive the glory and honor He deserves for His work in these young lives!" 

Alexander Fedorchuk,

President & Founder, Agape Ministries International.


Doctrinal Statement

Ministry's Doctrinal Statement

  1. Bible is infallible, inspired Word of God;

  2. We believe in Eternal Holy God, Creator of Heaven and Earth Who exist in 3 divine Persons – Father, Son, Holy Spirit;

  3. (Apostolic confession of faith) We believe in the deity of Christ. He died for the sins of people on the cross, was buried and bodily resurrected from the dead on the third day. He ascended to Heaven to the right hand of the Father and coming back in glory to judge the nations and establish His Kingdom;

  4. Salvation (forgiveness of sins, eternal life) is the gift from God received by men only by grace of God through faith along in Christ Jesus and what He has done on the cross (Gospel of Grace);

  5. We believe in the new birth in Christ alone.

Christian Ministry Agape works with Evangelical churches (Pentecostal, Baptist, Free Evangelical etc.) in Ukraine and around the the rest of the world.


Our vision and strategy



  1. To bring orphans to Christ telling them Gospel of Jesus Christ on Bible Lessons and to help them to grow in faith.

  2. To encourage christians to serve orphans, giving them opportunity to participate in Christian Ministry Agape Ukraine

  3. To meet orphans needs: to help them to socialize in the society and to grow in faith, informing people about adoption opportunities and procedure, providing humanitarian help, presents and a lot more...


Our vision is to bring love and care to every orphan of Ukraine as a fulfillment of God's commandment to help orphans and widows.


  1. Leading orphans to Jesus Christ through the teaching of Gospel during Christian Ethic lessons in orphanages

  2. Consistency is our main rule: we are constantly with orphans so they can share all their problems and needs with us. Daily interactions with the orphans take place every week for years.

  3. Professionalism: Christian Ministry Agape teachers are qualified and dedicated people, they are called to serve orphans. Agape Training School are training and supporting Christian teachers to work with orphans. Orphans need a special approach to education and every-day interaction.